Artistic, sarcastic, curious, concerned, introspective extravert living on the endlessly beautiful Southcoast of MA with my {incredibly patient} wife, our 12 year old (formerly) vegetarian, taxidermy enthusiast and our 120lb Bernese Mountain dog who thinks he's a cat.

Having never taken the direct route anywhere, I have done a bit of it all. Through school I did the retail gig. In a past life I was a social worker. In 2001 I decided to follow my passion and studied photography at the New England School of Photography. I also apprenticed with professional photographers to learn the ins and outs of the trade. I eventually went on my own photographing portraits, weddings and events until my son arrived in 2005. I took a break from my professional work to dedicate myself full time to mothering. I returned to work full-time with a bang as owner of an art gallery and frame shop. After years of promoting many talented artists I am focusing my creative energies on my true love, photography.